Case Studies

Textile & Garment Industry – Seamless Hosiery Knitting Machines
Sangam India Ltd., Bhilwara

The Problem
Hosiery knitting machines are high tech, high precision equipment that require suction for various internal functions, besides cleaning out the fluff & lint produced while knitting. These machines fail to work if requisite suction pressure & airflow is not made available to them. So it becomes critical to provide a reliable solution.

Santoni Recommended Solution
A system was proposed with the multiple central units kept on the roof-top, two systems of 30 HP each providing suction to 12 machines, and two systems 50 HP each providing suction to 24 machines. These systems are bag-filter based, and work with silencer, and acoustic hood to prevent noise. Centrifugal blowers (30 HP) run at 4,000 RPM via a drive to provide required suction.

With automatic power on/off, and automated filter cleaning, the system optimizes the power consumption. This also results in consistent performance as the filters are not allowed to get chocked. The machines come with a differential pressure sensor that actuates the different blowers based on demand from the knitting machines – kept on ground floor level.

The Result
The result is all 36 knitting machines are getting the required suction through central vacuum systems installed by SANTONI, and all this is done with minimum power consumption.