Case Studies

Rubber Industry – Industrial Pressure Hose Manufacture
Gates Corporation USA, Indian Subsidiary Gates India Pvt. Ltd.

Gates IndiaThe Problem
High Quantity of Fillers and Dust across the floors, and various levels of metal platforms The floor area in the company is massive, and being like most chemical industries, there are many floor levels, some mezzanine levels as well. Such areas usually have a complicated approach point – this makes a conventional mobile unit impossible to approach these areas. Many production equipment generate/spill powders, rubber filler etc. These can even include fine powders, which are responsible for fast filter chocking.

Santoni Recommended Solution
A system was proposed with suction points provided at locations where most dust & powders are generated. All the points also got a basket to hold tools, and hose reels, for ready deployment of suction.

With automatic power on/off, and automated filter cleaning, the system optimizes the power consumption. This also results in consistent performance as the filters are not allowed to get chocked. The material holding capacity is kept high, with a level sensor – beyond a certain level, the alarm sounds. As this happens, the material is disposed manually by opening a gate valve. This can also be provided with automatic disposal of collected material.

The Result
The system is running successfully since many years now.