Multiple Point Cleaning
via Centralized Vacuum Cleaning System

Do more with high efficiency auto system - Fully Developed in India

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Solutions available for diverse applications in various industries - automotive, rubber & plastics, cement, textile & garments, or food.
Centralized Vacuum Systems (Cenvac) provided that run effectively, with the least power consumption

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SPMs have been developed for the following industry types:


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Santoni is India’s first & only manufacturer of central vacuum systems. These equipment are designed to provide vacuum cleaning at multiple points, with partial or complete automatic on/standby mode features.

Centralized vacuum cleaners can be designed to handle diverse types of material – from pellets to powders, from acidic to basic, from solids to liquids. Santoni Centralized Vacuum Equipment have even been designed for applications dealing with sticky pastes like biscuit cream, shells, etc.

The basic principle of the central vacuum systems is to provide suction at various points, connected to the main suction unit via a series of well-designed pipelines. With some proprietary technologies, Santoni has developed central suction systems with highest levels of efficiency witnessed for industrial applications.

Working in the field of vacuum cleaning systems since more than three decades, Santoni has provided solutions to diverse industries, and handled toxic material, precious re-useable material, and even explosive material with different well designed systems.

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