Case Studies

Food Industry – Biscuit Cream & Crumbs
ITC Ltd., Bangalore

ITC The Problem
Most large cream biscuit manufacturing companies use a conveyor belt that takes the material through various stages of production. This includes places where the crème is applied to the biscuit. As this happens, there is cream that falls from various processes and gets stuck on the link chain used to move the conveyor. This link chain, and the surrounding work areas, floor etc., then get covered with cream and crumbs, creating a need to clean the entire chain, and the surroundings at every changeover. SANTONI was asked to come up with a solution to reduce the change over time.

Santoni Recommended Solution
A system was proposed with the central unit kept outside, and suction hoods provided at two points for each ABM – one with a suction hood on the chain, and one to provide cleaning via a flexible hose on the floor, and on the work tables. There is a sophisticated system in design to not allow the crème/crumbs to stick within the suction lines. A wet interceptor receives the dirty mix to separate the liquid, and allow air + powder to enter main filter unit. After multiple cleaning stages, air is exhausted. Filter cleaning is fully automated.

This system is under production.