Benefits of Central Vacuum Systems


Essentially, there are three types of industrial vacuum systems – basic, heavy duty & central vacuum systems. Whenever the task at hand involves multiple hours of operation daily or massive quantities to be lifted in shorter period of time, there arises a need for heavy duty vacuum systems.

These heavy duty continuous running vacuums can be developed to work with a pipeline that supplies suction to various points – and depending on the application, multiple suction points can be utilized simultaneously.

Here are some benefits provided by Santoni Central Vacuum Systems:

  • large filter surface
    Consistently high performance
    Bigger filters
    More Stages of filtration, better technology
  • Practically Unlimited Capacity
    Due to fixed location of system
    with possibility of Auto Discharge
  • Material Collected from Various Points
    Arrives at Single Point of Disposal
  • Long Life Induction Motors
    Power the machine
    Perfect for continuous duty
  • Round the Clock 24 Hour Use
    Certified for continuous duty
  • Always Ready
    Always Ready for Use
    Automatic Power On/Off
    System at Stand By
  • Noise free
    Zero indoor noise
    Central Unit kept away from application area
  • Super Clean
    Safe for Super-Clean Areas
    System not needed to be moved around
    Zero cross contamination
  • Toxix Material
    Toxic Material Handled Safely
    Multiple system safeguards can be incorporated
  • Dignity
    Sophisticated Machinery
    Reduces the Stigma associated with Cleaning jobs
    Makes for a happier, more productive workforce

Special Features

  • Socket
    Socket Boxes kept at Convenient locations
    Just attach hose, and start using the system
  • Basket
    Baskets – Mobile or Stationary type
    For keeping the accessories safely when not in use
    With possibility of hose reels
  • Automatic On/Stand By Sensors used to provide signal when system is needed Central Unit switched on, and then auto switched off when not needed
  • Special Aerodynamic Pipelines designed by Santoni
    Ensure Minimum Pressure Drop, Maximum Performance
    Save power
  • Multi stage Filteration
    Most Advance Filtration System:
    mesh separator
    cyclone pre-effect to remove heavy parts
    cone-in-cone to form a cake tha t builds up and then layer cracks & falls – self cleaning
    Programmable auto filter shaking / reverse pulsing
  • Mute
    Multi Stage Filtration for CONSISTENTLY HIGH Performance
    Stage I: Mesh provided at socket box – stops very large items from entering pipeline
    Stage II: Cyclone Separation – Removes larger particles from dusty mixture
    Stage III: Cone in Cone filtration allows Cake Formation on filters – after a certain thickness builds up, the cake drops. This cake also provides filtration
    Stage IV: Programmable Automatic Filter cleaning system

Accessories for Special Applications